Kotakin with API – self-host file sharing (Loaders and Uploaders)

By Acty, April 26, 2014

Kotakin with API – Self-host your own file sharing.

Kotakin – Self-host your own file sharing. Build based on API.

If you need file sharing capabilities for personal or business needs. You can share folders with other users or create a public link for anyone.

Kotakin was created for everyone that must constantly send or receive files.

This version was build based on API

Kotakin – Self-host your own file sharing. Build based on API.

90% of the front-end is using AJAX, so the interaction is more smooth and faster than before, with help using Backbone.js + Require.js

You will be able to add properties to all uploaded files, to help you search them more easly by adding something like “tag” or “description”. More advance sharing capabilities. You will be able to download folders and files in bulk. Less HTML template used.

Now you can accept user registration optionally. Set user disk usage quota.

Updated to the latest version Twitter bootstrap, will look good on both desktop and mobile browser. Updated to the latest stable version of Laravel 4.1.

Kotakin Features

API In Mind

Create your own desktop application / mobile application / custom web application that connect directly to Kotakin data via the API.

Full Source Code

JavaScript and CSS files are minified, so the web browser view the web application faster. But the original source code also available.

AJAX App In Mind

The front-end built using Backbone.js + Require.js. The interactions to API are using AJAX.

Responsive Front-end

The front-end will look good on both desktop and mobile sites, because the base styling component are using the latest Twitter Bootstrap.


Application texts are translation ready – using Gettext PHP module for faster performance. The default texts to translate to your language are in English.

Template Editor

Administrators able to modify Email templates + HTML templates directly in the application.

User Management

Administrators able create and manage users. Set allowed file types and size limit upload for each user.

User Registration & Disk Usage Quota

Option to enable / disable user registration. Verification email will be send to new registered user. Set disk usage quota for each user.

Media Viewer

MP3 Preview (using audio.js), MP4 Video Preview (using video.js), PDF viewer (using iFrame, only for browser that able to do it), .txt viewer (using iFrame), and Images viewer (with thumbnail).

AJAX File Upload

Integrated with jQuery File Upload – no browser refresh while uploading your files. Chunk file upload supported, so you can upload large files without worry your PHP max upload file size limitation.

File Sharing

Share your file to anyone easly – optionally you can set password, download limit, valid until specified date, and description. You can also send the link via email.

Folder Sharing

Share your folder to registered user easly – you can set whether member allowed to upload file and invite other members.

File Handling

Files renamed when stored for security reason. Original filename restored while dowloading. Bulk folder and file download.


Find your folders and files is fast and easy. You can help by adding tags or description to any uploaded files as it property. All item properties are searchable.

User Roles

Administrators, Users, and Guests access roles.

Step-By-Step installer

Documentation to setup the source code and web based installer ready.


STMP / Sendmail / PHP Mail is supported.

Image Thumbnailer

GD / Imagick / Gmagick is supported for thumbnail creation.

Object Oriented Code

Created using PHP (Laravel 4.1 Framework). Controllers + Models + Hooks + Supports + Facades + Commands.

Professional Dedicated Support

High quality dedicated support is always there to help you out whenever you require any assistance or faced difficulties.


Documentation + Commands to migrate your data from previous version of Kotakin is available. Able to migrate: folders + files + links.

Next update plan:

  • User Contact, so user only able to share folder to their registered contacts.
  • FTP Sync.
  • API Access Management.


  • PHP 5.3.7 and above
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • Gettext PHP Extension (for translation)
  • PDO PHP Extension (for MySQL client)
  • mod_rewrite (only required if you are going to use Apache webserver)
  • a empty database only for Kotakin, to make sure no table conflict.

Thanks to…

Kotakin was created with the latest OpenSource Technology available on the market. I would like to thank to:

Final notes

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or if you (gasp!) found a bug, don’t hestitate to email me at support@kotakin.co.