Magento Full Page Cache Extension (Magento Extensions)

By Acty, April 28, 2014

Magento Full Page Cache reduces your site’s latency, increases your Web server request rate, reduces database load.
It will make your site much more responsive feeling for your customers. Full Page Cache is the best extension you can get to speed up your Web site and will pay for itself in all the hardware expense you will save.

Full Page Cache for Magento is a best in class extension that makes Magento super fast, reduces hardware requirements and costs, and makes your Web site more responsive to shop on. Don’t just take our word for it. We are that confident that Full Page Cache is the best solution on the market.

Product detail: http://vnextensions.com/magento-full-page-cache.html
Product document: http://vnextensions.com/documentation/magentoextension/magentofullcache/index.html

Full Features:

- Completely and efficiently caches the pages of the visitors areas (i.e. the areas your store visitors see and browse before they log in)
- Dynamic blocks such as Recently Viewed, Random Products and Random Reviews are cached upon the visitor’s first view
- Dynamic blocks that require interactivity with the shopper, like Compare, Cart, Wishlist, are not cached
- Compresses Java Script
- Significantly lowers the server load
- Allows for faster page rendering (up to 10 times faster performance for visitors)
- Admin can choose whether to cache dynamic blocks
- Clears cache when a new product is added
- Clears cache when a product goes from Disabled to Enabled, or when the product status is changed to In Stock
- Partially clears cache upon the following events:
       + when the product is edited
       + when the product is deleted
       + when the product status changes to Out of Stock
       + when the product is disabled
       + when CMS content is edited or deleted
- Enables Admin to check whether the page is loaded from cache
- Works for visitors who use tablets and other mobile devices
- Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian languages
- Temporarily blocks search engine bots during critical load peaks
- Disables dynamic content during critical load peaks and lets Admin choose whether to not display dynamic content blocks at all or have them replaced with placeholder text
- Enables Admin to redistribute (by sleep ()) server resources among types of pages (Catalog, CMS, Search, Cart and Checkout, Other) depending on their importance during critical load peaks
- Limits server resources based on shoppers’ priority (guest or logged-in, contents of the shopping cart)
- Offers the shoppers to play a flash game while the store is not available (Tetris by default, but Admin can add games via CMS)
- Allows for users to enter their e-mail to be notified when the store is available
- Sends out an e-mail notification (with an optional discount) to users who wish to be notified when the store is back up