RandRadio – Station Discovery (AdMob Enabled) (Audio/Video)

By Acty, April 27, 2014

This is an app that provides an opportunity for users to discover and find out about new Radio Stations. The user can select a category (or something else named if you desire), which will play an arbitrary station based on your predetermined links.

Supported Format: PLS

  1. Responsive Design (All Android Devices are Compatible).
  2. Tabs for navigation.
  3. Unlimited Stations.
  4. Unlimited Categories.
  5. Play/Pause/Shuffle/Add to Favorites Stations.
  6. Organized Documentation included.
  7. One Click add to Favorite.
  8. AdMob Enabled (Can be easily disabled).
  9. Supported streams: pls.
  10. Full Native Application.
  11. Only change in XML file required.
  12. Set your own color theme.
  13. Flat Design.