Travel And Tours Agency Script (PHP Scripts)

By Acty, April 28, 2014

Travel Agency Script is an Online Vacantion Reservation System build in PHP and MySQL. The script is 100% OpenSource and it is easy to manage and modify the source, customization and integration in any design.

Updates for version 1.3

Front Site

  • Template design improvements
  • Nice Image slide on homepage(images can be added from admin area)
  • Forms style updated
  • Body Background image added (must be purchased separately)
  • New fonts added
  • Other small graphics and menus changes
  • Reported bugs fixed
  • Administration

  • Admin can add/delete home page images + image description
  • Reported bugs fixed
  • Updates for version 1.2

    General updates – this version contain security and bugs updates

  • Security and antispam fixes
  • Agent Area bug fixes
  • Admin Area bugs fixes
  • Form validations added
  • Cleared code and files
  • Improved search results
  • Other small issues reported was fixed
  • Updates for version 1.1

    Front site

    Features: Front website

  • Package listing on homepage
  • Quiq search form based on package criteria
  • Newsletter module
  • Order package form
  • Review package system + rating
  • Direct admin approve/delete reviews on front site
  • Nice photo slide
  • Custom pages
  • Friendly SEO links
  • Agent Registration System
  • Levels Packages
  • Hotels system added
  • Tours System added
  • Search form based on calendar
  • Fixed problems for search system
  • Featured package added
  • Agents can list his package on featured area based on agent level
  • Paypal payment procesor added
  • Moneybookers payment procesor added
  • Fixed and added more SEO links
  • Other bugs fixed
  • Agent Dashboard (new!)

  • Agent can add / manage packages
  • Agent can view his orders
  • Agent can add / manage destinations
  • Agent can see his package reviews, can edit/approve/delete any time an review
  • Agent can send newsletters if his active level allow this
  • Agent can add custom pages
  • Agent can access the modules section if his level allow this
  • Agent can edit his profile
  • Agent can add Hotels based on level limits
  • Agent can add tours based on level limits
  • Invoices system
  • Agent can list ads on his packages
  • And much, much more!
  • Administration

  • Levels system added
  • Multi level options
  • – Max. Package

    – Can add ads

    – Maxim hotels

    – Maxim tours

    – Listed on featured

    – Can send newsletter

    – Can add Pages

  • Billing system added, (multi period based)
  • Invoices system added
  • Admin can add / manage agents
  • Admin can add / extend agent levels
  • Admin can add hotels
  • Admin can add tours
  • Admin can see agent orders
  • Admin can see,manage,delete agent packages reviews
  • And much more, please check demo…
  • Administartion

  • General Dashboard Information
  • Add /Edit Package
  • Add /Edit Pages
  • Add /Edit Destinations
  • Newsletter system
  • Adsense Module
  • Easy website configuration
  • Alert when a new review is added
  • And much more! See the demo.
  • Fell free to explore our front demo version :) but also you can test administration area using this link: Admin Area and log in using username: admin and password admin. To test agent area please access this link: Agent Area and login using username: agent1 and password:12345. Note! Some functions are disabled on demo version, such as delete, edit and add functions. We have disabled for security reason, to many spamers!