123 Crazy Pullze Game – Admob, GameCenter (Games)

By Acty, May 2, 2014

123 Crazy is funny pullze game.

For two seconds countdown, you must tap to choose Three numbers and sort them by ascending.

If sort them not true or time countdown to zero, Game is Over.

See, Tap and big Win with 123 Crazy now!

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Support Admob ads

report high score to GameCenter.

Include Document to help.

The code:
It has no Cocos2D or any graphics API
Simpe native UIKit elements
Admob for banner ads
GameCenter integration
Leaderboard support
iPhone 5 wide screen support
iOS support on iOS 6+.
Runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods.
It comes with Layer PNG images

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How to Setup:

A. Quick Setup

There is no setup.
Just open the 123 Crazy.xcodeproj and you will be on your way.
1 prerequisite is that you have XCode min version 5.1 installed one you mac.

B. Basic Configuration

1. Open 123 Crazy.xcodeproj

  • Change CFBundleIdentifier “com.iMadeLab.” to your app name ID (example: com.YouGame.)

2. Open Prefix.pch file

  • Change admob id to show Ads: #define PUBLIC_ID and PUBLIC_IPAD_ID @”your_admod_id” to your admob ID for iphone and ipad
  • Change time for play: #define MAX_TIME to your time
  • Change #define LEADERBOARD_ID @”com.iMadeLab.laderboard_id” to your leader board id Gameceenter

3. Open Info.plist file

  • Change CFBundleIdentifier com.iMadeLab.123Crazy to your app Bundle Identifier

4. And Done

C. Ready Submit to Appstore