Crafted Live Shoutbox (Social Networking)

By Acty, May 4, 2014

Crafted Shoutbox is a php/ajax based shoutbox that is lightweight and very efficient in terms of resources used and page load, as it uses a smart technique for retrieving new messages only
so it doesn’t affect the traffic.

Crafted Shoutbox offers a spam detection and automatic muting of spammers. as well as bad words filtering that can be done using the admin panel and the effect happens in realtime. In Addition to, the admin panel allows for realtime shoutbox monitoring, providing all the messages with the ip of the sender and an easy way to ban/unban the sender’s ip. and also that happens in realtime (the banned user will get a notification that he/she has been banned and his chat will be locked without having to reload the page)

Crafted Shoutbox Admin Panel allows the admin to see the number of online users in realtime, and to send admin messages to all the users, as well as deleting a specific message or all the messages.

The system comes also with an emoticons pack and a very simple user friendly layout, that fits into any website.

Crafted Shoutbox Offers:

  • Ajax based.
  • Emoticons.
  • Antispam detection and auto muting.
  • Automatic hyperlinks/quotes detection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy installation.
  • Realtime Admin Control
  • Monitor in Realtime!
  • Delete Messages
  • Ban/Unban IPs
  • Send Admin Messages
  • Configure Bad Words
  • Realtime Number Of Online Users

As easy as adding 2 lines of codes in ur page:

Head Section

<?php include "shoutbox/inc/head-include.php" ?>

Body Section

<?php include "shoutbox/inc/body-include.php" ?>