GameZone games addon for SocialStrap (Images and Media)

By Acty, May 5, 2014

GameZone addon for SocialStrap

Entertain your users with hundreds of games

GameZone is an easy to setup and fun-to-use addon for SocialStrap
Now you can entertain your users with hundreds of games.
People of ALL ages love to play and share games with friends and will drive massive traffic and new members to your SocialStrap network!
this addon is also great for your promotion, marketing, affiliate offers and selling ad space.
there are already 3 wel placed add spots included on the game page.
People share the games up to 300 social networks and websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Outlook or email
Game embed code for webmasters for even more traffic from other websites.

You can easly monetize this addon by simply put adds around the games.
Just open add1.php add2.php and add3.php end put in your marketing or adds.
The games are provided through xml feed for free by kongregate.com
The games are also not stored on your server or (domain)
Yes, this is also saving you a lot of space and bandwidth

Your visitors absolutely love this addon.


first open add1.php add2.php and add3.php in gamezone/ and put in your adds
upload the folder gamezone/ to addons/

You can enable and disable de addon in the admin menu tab (addons)

Thats it enjoy ;)