JS PHP Product Designer (Images and Media)

By Acty, May 4, 2014

What is Product-Designer?

This is an online solution for Selling Products with customized Motives and Texts.

Product-Designer Highlights:

• Design for OneSide & TwoSides Products
• Design for Products with & without Size
• Unlimited Normal & Curve Text on each Design-Side
• Add Unlimited motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format]
• Upload unlimited motives on each Design-Side [Support SVG Format]
• Using Google Fonts as Custome List via XML or Complete via jQuery fontselect
• Save and Load the Design with a Design-Code without using a Database
• Print the Design
• Share the Design on Facebook

Good to Know:

• Imagine you already selected a Product with Color and Size, made some Designs, now want to test your designed Product wizh other colors, here you be able simply back to Product-ViewBox and select other colors and continue your design with new one.

• After saving your Design, you will recieve an Email including your DesignCode, next time you can load Your Design and continue working on it untill final version, then you can order this, Product-Designer be able to save your name, email and Address and loading this on next time for your convenience.

General Help Instruction

How add my Products?

Adding products is easy and can be done in xml/products.xml, this support unlimted Products.[More details on Product setting will be found underGeneral Help Instruction]

How add my Motives?

For this just drop your Motives inside images/motives, xml file will update Automatic.
Motives can be in PNG or SVG formats.

What about Google Fonts?

Here you have two choices:
• Using Custome Google fonts in xml/fonts.xml
• Use Complete Google Fonts Library with Preview [More details on Google Font setting will be found underGeneral Help Instruction]

What about Payment Method?

PayPal Payment and Bank Transfer already implemented on Order Confirmation Email

• PHP5 Server

• Browser JavaScript Enabled

Browsers Compatibility

• Firefox

• Chrome

• Safari

• Opera [NO SVG Support]

• IE9 [NO SVG Support]


• jQuery

• Fabric.js
• PrintThis.js
• html2canvas.js