Marketplace of Fanpages, Buy Sell Fanpages (Social Networking)

By Acty, May 2, 2014

How it working?

Buy Sell Fanpages (BSF) is a unique and the best marketplace to Buying and Selling Fanpages.

Users by BSF script can buy and sell Facebook Fanpages. Seller (the owner of the Fanpage) can add Fanpages to the marketplace and sell it. Buyers can purchase available Fanpages. Buyer pays via PayPal and next Seller must have set ID of buyer as admin in roles settings. Seller earns selling Fanpages and You (as owner BSF) earns default 15% comission on each sold fanpage.

The order process

1. Buyer adds fanpage to the basket which wants to buy and next confirms purchase.
2. Buyer pays for the order via PayPal.
3. Seller can reject the request (Buyer gets a cash back) or confirm order and add Buyer email as new administrator of Fanpage.
4. Buyer must press “Verification” button to check that is a new administrator of fanpage. Verification is a automaticly process and BSF send request to Facebook API and is validate his permissions. To be sure Buyer can log in to Facebook and verify yourself.
5. If permissions are correct BSF will accept order and Seller will get money for sold Fanpage otherwise Buyer gets a cash back.

  • The Administrator may reject order or fanpage if it is broken rules.

What modules contains a BSF script?

  • Sign in by Facebook Account (integration with facebook API).
  • Marketplace to Buying and Selling Fanpages.
  • Search engine.
  • Shopping Cart (basket). All added items to basket are saved until you aren’t logged!
  • PayPal integration
  • Module purchased. In this section Buyer can pay for orders and verify an orders status.
  • Module sold. Seller can confirm and manage orders.
  • Module sell. Automatically collecting list of fanpages assigned to a user account!
  • Affiliate program. Really helpfully for increasing sales.
  • Admin panel to moderating BSF.
  • Many more minor features…

Access to the admin panel

After logged you have automatically access to the admin panel.