SkewSlider – jQuery Slider Plugin (Sliders)

By Acty, May 3, 2014

SkewSlider is a jQuery slider plugin you can use to easily skew and slide any content with CSS transition and fallback to jQuery, SkewSlider has 24+ options, 4 ready to use examples and the possibility to personalize almost everything with CSS. Use the powerful API to extend the plugin functionality with just a few lines of code.


Higly customizable

24+ javascript options, 4 ready to use examples, everything can be customized via CSS.

Responsive features

Supports diferent configuration options for diferent screen sizes, as many breakpoints as you want, just like css media querys.

Slide animations

Customizable animations and CSS Transitions with jQuery FallBack.

Auto image scaling

Background images are automatically scaled to always fit the area no matter the inclination or the slide’s dimensions.

HTML content and CSS transitions

Supports any HTML content and CSS custom transitions inside the slides. 2 active states, on animation start, on animation end.

Image pre-load

You decide how many images want to pre-load.

Powerful Api

Using the public methods, you can extend the slider functionality with just a few lines of code.

Lifetime support

Feel free to ask for help if something went wrong. Support is provided by developers.

Free updates coming soon

Slider is in active improvement and development, and of course, you get the updates for free.