Mini CMS for BBOOTS phpBB3 Theme

This MOD allows the administrator running BBOOTS to easily customize the style via ACP. Much like the WordPress system.

Make sure BBOOTS is installed before installing this script: BBOOTS – phpBB3

With this Mini CMS the forum ADMIN will be Able to do the following:

  • Add/edit/Delete Main Menu and Mobile Menu
  • Add/edit/Delete Logo and/or a text logo
  • Add/edit/Delete Social network links and icons. You can also set if the
  • links are visible for Registered users or Guests
  • Add Google adsense
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Add Twitter Account
  • Add/edit/Delete About Us Block
  • Enable/Disable Modal Login
  • Apply Different Avatars Effect and Positions
  • Enable/Disable Sub-header and Footer Blocks
  • Add/edit/Delete Forum Background
  • More…

More Features upon request.

Road Map So far: -Add SEO Section. -More Configuration Options