Builder is a drag ‘n drop site builder created with PHP.. It uses Bootstrap 3 framework for the layout, Mysql for saving components and layout information, Jquery UI and Gridster for interface management.

Builder users will have no need to edit any code to get a professional web site, and can have a full web site up and running in minutes.


With Builder, site owner will have 20+ highly customizable components to use as the building blocks of their pages, those components are:

  1. navigation bars
  2. jumbotrons
  3. thumbnails
  4. alerts
  5. dismissable alerts
  6. panels
  7. wells
  8. embedded items
  9. modals
  10. togglable tabs
  11. collapsible items
  12. image carousel
  13. image lightbox
  14. google maps
  15. contact forms
  16. text blocks
  17. social buttons
  18. audio player
  19. footer
  20. heading


php site builder components

php site builder pages

php site builder layout

php site builder settings

php site builder styles


Each page will have its own customized information for Search Engine Optimization, including:

  • Custom Title
  • Custom Meta Description
  • Custom Meta Keywords
  • Custom Name in URL

Additional Options

  • CSS file upload
  • CSS file editor
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Custom “Site Offline” Page
  • Home Page Determination
  • Upload page background
  • Upload favicon
  • Upload site logo


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php site builder demo