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  • Pure HTML 5
  • 100% HD Gameplay
  • On-screen touch controls or keyboard
  • Responsive – Fits any screen
  • Premium Graphics
  • Premium Sound
  • Fully Customizable (C2 knowledge required)
  • Source and HTML files included


Use the on-screen touch controls or the keybord. For keyboard, use up arrow to jump and down arrow to duck. Press “A” to throw dynamite.

Other Platforms

Please note this is the HTML5 version of the game and requires SPECIAL steps to export to other platforms. Specifically, this MUST be done from within Construct 2! DO NOT USE PHONEGAP! Here are relevant tutorials for each major platform.
Windows 8 Universal


All sound files and graphics are included and properly licensed for use in this game. Do not use the files in any other project, and do not distribute the files separately from the game. This is a violation of the license.


“Welcome to the Show” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0