The MedlinePlus API is an excellent API that returns hundreds of health topics in English or Spanish. Easily integrate
well-sourced, credible health information into your website, Windows 8 App, or Windows Phone 8 App.
The Appeality Health Topics API utilizes the latest in .Net coding advances to allow you to easily integrate
health information into your applications.

Health Topics API

MedlinePlus offers a search-based Web service
that provides access to MedlinePlus health
topic data in XML format. Using the Web service,
software developers can build applications
that utilize MedlinePlus health topic information.
The service accepts keyword searches as requests and
returns relevant health topics in ranked order.
Keyword searches may be limited to specific fields.
The service also returns health topic summaries,
search result snippets, external links, and other associated data.

You can now integrate a powerful health information search using
modern, well designed .Net API. Easily tap into the MedlinePlus
web service using easy .Net calls. Integrate the results into your applications
in English or Spanish. The library is a portable class
library and can be used in modern .net applications including:

  • Web Applications (.Net Framework 4+)
  • Windows 8 + Apps
  • Window Phone 8 + Apps

Appeality Health Topics API

Making a call to the API is as simple as implementing code similar
to the code below

    Dim ro As New List (of healthTopic)
        Dim ht As New healthTopicHelper
        ro = Await ht.fetchHealthTopic(topic, isSpanish)
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try

What Do I Get?

  1. .Net Assembly (.dll)
  2. Debug file (.pdb)
  3. XML comments for Intellisense
  4. NuGet Package for super easy installation
  5. HTML 5/JQuery/Bootstrap Demo Application
  6. Comprehensive quick start guide
  7. API Documentation
  8. Source Code
  9. Visual Studio 2013 Solution

Other Component Features

  • Portable class library
  • Use in .Net 4 +, Windows 8 Apps, and Windows Phone App
  • Utilizes .Net Asynchronous language features
  • Performant and well documented