IOS 8 HD Action Racing Game Death Race

Death Race: Elite Racer is the challenging, fast-paced car chase game that puts your reaction times to the ultimate test. Play solo or compete against your friends in this high-octane arcade game where you aim to dodge all enemy cars and even use armour and weapons to defend yourself!

How to Play Death Race: Elite Racer : Select “Play” on the Main Screen to start the game, or “Kids Mode” for an easier ride with slower speeds and less enemy vehicles. Selecting the “Leaderboard” or “Achievements” options on the Home Screen will take you to the Game Center Leaderboards or Achievements respectively for the game. The “Mute/Unmute” button will give you the option whether or not to play music and sound effects throughout the menus and gameplay. Upon selecting “Play” the user will be asked to select one of three cars from the list before the game can begin. Your chosen vehicle will automatically start moving upon start up. Control your supercar by tilting the screen left and right to dodge enemy cars – if you hit these at any speed or angle the game will be over! Tilt the screen backwards to decelerate and forward to accelerate. In addition to this, the further you travel, the higher the speed the car will go! The game can be paused at any time using the Pause button at the top of the screen. Use the Laser Rocket button to fire rockets at enemy cars to destroy them, or use the top left button to use the Anti-Magnet to repel enemy cars while you speed away! Tap the Armor button to apply hardened armor to your car for a limited amount of time, and destroy other cars on impact. Use the Super Turbo button to give your car a NOS boost (note: this does not make your car invincible to collisions!). In-app purchases can be made via the Upgrade Store to purchase additional weapons and armor, either on the Home Screen or during the game. When the game ends from eventually colliding with an enemy vehicle, your Score and High Score will be displayed, and you will have the choice whether to Play again or return to the Main Screen.