Is a full and beautiful mp3 audio player that you can easily customize and implement on your own.

  • Implements Music Service, Cursors, Custom ListAdapters
  • Colorfull Media Player Control
  • Displays Current Song Info and Album Cover Art

Features and Requirements

  • Developed in lastest Android Studio (0.8.1 Beta)
  • Supports Android v11+
  • Music service intents
  • Beautiful design and colorfull
  • My own implementation for the player controls
  • NavigationDrawer implementation (You can expand if you want. Add other menu items like Favourites, Folders, Artists.
    I Have already added those items to the menu. You will find them as commented sections)
  • Roboto Typeface

How to Setup and Reskin


Just import the full project into your workspace and it’s ready!


For reskin the app you just have to modify the settings in values/styles.xml file. The default theme used is named: MyTheme.Custom