Super Store Finder – Marker Clusterer Add-on

This is an add-on for Super Store Finder application that allows too many markers to be combined and shown in clusters. Super Store Finder is a multi-language fully featured PHP/Javascript/MySQL Application integrated with Google Maps API v3 that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Packed with Geo Location, Google Street View and Google Maps Direction your customers will never be lost again getting to your locations.

Main Features

  • Allow Google Maps markers to be consolidated into clusters for ease of view
  • Increase performance when displaying too many markers
  • Easy to understand user guide included

Installation Instructions

  • Notice for Super Store Finder Marker Clusterer Add-on:

a. You need to purchase Super Store Finder at prior to using this Add-on
b. Be sure to backup your existing files and database before performing the steps below

1. If you’re using the standard version (non-responsive) extract and replace content within to your installation folder

2. If you’re using responsive version, extract and replace content within to your installation folder.

3. To change how many minimum markers to cluster if they’re close together, edit super-store-finder.js (non-responsive) or super-store-finder-mobile.js and search / edit the following code :

// Marker Clusterer
var mcOptions = {minimumClusterSize : 5};
mc = new MarkerClusterer(map, markers, mcOptions);

Change the minimumClusterSize value

4. You’re done!

Support and Inquiries: