A few months ago, another country attacked us by surprise. We weren’t ready for them and so they were able to capture most parts of the country in a few weeks. But fortunately, our main tank factory is located on the only remaining province that isn’t under enemy control yet and is still operational. So using this factory and its tanks is our only chance for getting our country back and free our people!

About the Game:

Tank Strategy

In this strategy game, your goal is to take back different states of your country from enemy. You have a tank factory and should use it to produce new units and reclaim your country. There are 12 states that each are considered as a level for the game and the game will end after you have taken back all these 12 states.

How to Play:

You can play this game with mouse or touch in mobile devices.


» 12 levels
» Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
» Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
» Touch support
» Auto-resize (responsive)

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