Ultra SEO Professional is a software utility that allows to optimize your Prestashop SEO in just one click. Optimize every aspect of your SEO like a real human seo expert with its artificial intelligence engine.

Ultra SEO Professional does extract the most relevant keywords from your product page but it can even generate words from the meaning of your pages. This in order to make the best exposure of your product for search engines. This is done by complex semantic algorithms that are part of the software.

With this technology, Ultra SEO Pro for Prestashop will generate all the meta tags for products, CMS and Categories pages. Another feauture is that it creates, automatically, a full set of cloud tags for your each products of your Store.

Ultra SEO Professional for Prestashop has been designed specifically for Prestashop and it’s compatible with all Prestashop versions. It doesn’t require any module installation, optimization is possible even for beginners.