ajax Expense Manager (Calendars)

By Acty, September 19, 2013

Ajax Expense Manager is a great small web application to those that wants to manage their expenses and controls the money flow and current data to csv for other uses. With this application you can track real-time values by the month, week and day as well by categories. It can be customized and implemented according to user preference due to its jquery plugin and php class.


  • All jQuery Fullcalendar Features;
  • All jQuery Full Featured Calendar Features;
  • Register the cost at the time it occurred;
  • Better visualization of the data (helps control the money flow);
  • Real-time calculation (ability to see value of the month, week and day and all time values);
  • Export to CSV
  • Add Notes/Events
  • Organize data by categories and ability to filter them
  • Format values in English or French/Portuguese
  • More features will appear by the time with the user requests