Chatloc – Chat with nearby (Native Web)

By Acty, September 21, 2013

Location based random chat application. It uses socket and people can chatting instantly. It works with PC (HTML5), Mobile & Tablet.

First you should define search distance by kilometer.
Second step write nickname and wait for connecting someone in your search distance and online.

This script works with PHP socket server and Html5 GPS & Web Socket.

===== INSTALLATION =====
First you should modify server/server.php Line: 282

$master = new ChatBot(“www.eminbudak.com.tr”, 10000);

write your domain name or server ip and port number i used 10000 for port.

Then run php socket on your server

Windows Server Example (command):
C:ParallelsPleskAdditionalPleskPHP5php.exe -q C:Inetpubvhostsdomain.com.trhttpdocsserverserver.php

Linux Server (terminal):
php -q /path/server/server.php

Then you should modify client assets/js/engine.js Line:206
find var host = “ws://www.eminbudak.com.tr:10000/envato/chatloc/server/server.php”;

and change your server path and open your url on browser and start chatting.