EasyWeather – The Weather Engine (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 20, 2013

EasyWeather 1.0 is an amazing plugin that unifies different weather sources in one tiny widget.
It currently works with 5 weather providers but it is designed to work with an unlimited
number of sources. It implements a cascading fallback mechanism ensuring data is retrieved even if
a provider is down or the consumer itself is throttled by a service. If the first provider fails to
return the requested information, EasyWeather will contact the next one to maximise the availability
of the service. EasyWeather’s engine uses the same mechanism to detect users location and it
currently supports 3 different geolocation services.
Its compact size and numerous options make it perfectly suitable for portals, websites, blogs and apps.

Main features

  • It supports the following weather providers:

  • And the following Geolocation services:
  • Up to 10 days weather forecast depending on service
  • Custom location search bar
  • Units selection: Celsius/Fahrenheit and Kmph/Miles
  • Caching mechanism based on:
    • HTML 5 local storage or
    • Cookies
  • Pure client-side solution, no particular server-side technology required, no proxy page
  • 10 predefined themes
  • Templates and CSS styles fully customisable
  • Callbacks, custom events and delegates for most actions
  • Easy to install
  • Extensive documentation


EasyWeather can be previewed here.



v1.0 widget launch