FireGrid (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, September 23, 2013

FireGrid is a new tool for web designer able to generate an horizontal grid and a vertical grid that overlap a website.

When you are starting a new project enable FireGrid and select the proper horizontal and vertical grid, FireGrid is able to save your selection with cookies, therefore you can refresh the page, close your browser or restart your machine without losing your selection.

A fire icon allows you to turn on and off the grid whenever you want, for example you can enable FireGrid to check the alignment of a specific element on the screen, then by clicking on the fire icon you can turn off the grid to work on the CSS with FireBug or the Chrome Developer Tools and then you can turn on again the grid to verify your work.

Request a grid

In the first months after the plugin launch will be released an update every week with the purpose to include your favorite grids. Leave a message in the item comments area with the information about the grid you want to be included.


FireGrid includes the Jquery Cookie plugin licensed under the MIT license.