Flat manga – Build your own manga reader site. (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 18, 2013

Flat manga provide you with a quick and easy way to create a manga site like mangafox, mangareader. It was build with lots of features that you need for a simple flat manga and lots more for advanced. Flat manga also provide a very quick and easy way for you to customize your site that do not need to edit the source code.


  • Quick installation (about 30 seconds, input then done, no hand-setup need).
  • 7 skins included.
  • Multi-languages support, there are english and vietnamese already, you can also add and translate your own very easy.
  • 2 comment types: facebook comment and disqus which allow you to manage with your APP ID or DISQUS account.
  • Auto grab manga: Help you to add mangas and chapters very quick from other site.
  • Pages and widgets customizable , do not need to open source code, edit them right in the dashboard.
  • Responsive design. Manga page auto fit with device, comfortable for user to read on smaller devices.
  • and more..