Indexa – Table of Contents for WordPress (Interface Elements)

By Acty, September 18, 2013

Indexa is a WordPress plugin that creates a table of contents in your post, page or custom post type.

Through the settings you can insert it before the content, after the content, using a widget in your sidebars or inline in the content using a shortcode. When a link in the table is clicked, the page smoothly scrolls towards the heading. Suitable for long articles with sections, documentation, tutorials and more.


  • Choose post, page and/or custom post type to show a table of contents
  • Specify the headings to include in the table
  • Create table automatically only if there’s a specified amount of headings
  • Set the necessary number of headings to create a table
  • Add a table of contents section header
  • Allow toggling the table of contents
  • Fluid responsive
  • Simple or nested counters in decimal or roman format
  • Choose whether to show a “back to top” button
  • Select to jump instantly to the headings or smoothly scroll the viewport towards them
  • Preserve custom heading IDs and CSS classes
  • Disable the TOC on a entry by entry basis
  • Set a custom TOC header entry by entry or set a general one
  • Includes widget and shortcode for alternative placement
  • Customize colors and position in content
  • Panel for custom CSS rules and properties so they’re preserved during upgrades or even if you change the site’s theme.
  • Advanced users can take advantage of the filters included to modify the TOC markup output

Installation and Usage

After activation, Indexa will have some default options already set so it works right out of the box. You can modify them to meet your requirements and set up the styling to match your site’s overall design.


To place the table of contents in an entry, you can either select one of the automatic choices, before or after the post, or disable them and use the included widget to add it to a sidebar or add it anywhere in your entry content using the shortcode included.

Access the support forum

Support forum

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