jQuery Mobile Nutrition Application (Full Applications)

By Acty, September 10, 2013

A highly customizable jQuery mobile application enabling users to search for nutritional data for well over 1000 popular and common food items. The application uses jquery mobile AND responsive web deisgn techniques.

Demo [For membership functions]


Key Features

  • Search well over 1000 popular food items
  • Full nutritional information including oils, saturated fats, calories, etc
  • Default serving sizes
  • Change serving size in real time
  • Visualize nutrition data with real time cutting edge SVG Google charts
  • Responsive charts fit any screen size
  • Members can save items to favorites
  • Full membership suite
  • Optional Facebook login/registration
  • Optional account confirmation
  • Password retrieval
  • In app admin management dashboard
  • 100% AJAX with no page refresh – ever
  • Unimited theming with jQuery Mobile Theme Roller
  • Built on jQuery Mobile [1.4]
  • Cross browser/device compatible
  • XML data storage – no database required
  • Full, thorough documentation
  • and more

Data Source

All nutrtition data gathered from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Serving sizes calculated dynamically according to standards set forth by the USDA for this particular data set.


  • .net 4.5 or higher web host