Our API Server (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 24, 2013


Our API Server is a tool for create a REST service interface for our projects. The main objective of the project is the creation of a Standard Tool with supports for many existing projects, including WordPress, Drupal or another CMS. Also does not limit to Mysql Data Source, it can be widely extended with the use of plugins.



  • Apache2

    • mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5.3.x

    • php_sqlite


  • Just copy the project to the folder ‘www’ of Apache2.


  • Creating APIs faster than any other system.
  • Make API without code, just follow few steps
  • Modify URL request structure.
  • Make requests in any possible format (GET,POST).
  • Making and versioning APIs.
  • Utilization of plugins to extend server functionalities:

    • Four types of plugins (SOURCE, SECURITY, ENCRYPTION, OUTPUT).
    • Four outputs plugins (XML, JSON , YAML, SERIALIZE) or create your OWN.
    • Four action plugins (Mysql, ODBC, SQLITE, PRINTER) or create your OWN.
    • Two security plugins (MYSQL, MANUAL) or create your OWN.
    • Five encryption plugins (MD5, WORDPRESS, PLAIN, DRUPAL, SHA1) or create your OWN.
  • Full Cache Support.
  • Exhaustive documentation (samples, howtos and tutorials included).

Why Buy “Our API Server”

  • Save Time: Make an API in few minutes
  • Support for most existing projects: including WordPress, Drupal or other cms.
  • Can Extend with the use of plugins: Almost all server modules can be extend with plugins.


Current maintainers: