PDO Multi-DB Info Manager (Database Abstractions)

By Acty, September 20, 2013

PDO Multi-DB Info Manager is an application developed in PHP that allow you admin your SQL Server, PostgreSQL SQLite 3 and MySQL databases without the need of write any code(no php, neither sql) in an easy way, using an attractive web interface. You can do local and remote connection, export data from your tables in several file formats as CSV , Excel (XLS, XLSX), PDF, XML and SQL files. You can import information from CSV, Excel (XLS, XSLX) and SQL files, directly in the table that you choose. The application also allows you to consult, insert and edit the data saved in your database tables in a easy way and make customized searches on it, you can consult and export information from join tables without write sql code, also you can save your previous queries for consult them later. If you are skilled in SQL you can execute your own queries (Insert, Update, Select, Delete, Drop, Create, etc.) And export your results in CSV, XML, excel (XLS, XLSX) and PDF files. And finally you can create backup of the structure and data of your database, and restore it later. Or you can restore backups created for another application.


  1. Easy Installation
  2. Connect to a Database with PDO
  3. Allows local and remote connections
  4. You can save your connections settings from different databases. You only have to remember a password for use all your databases(SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3 and MySQL)
  5. Compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3 and SQL Server Databases
  6. Support Windows and SQL Server Authentication for SQL Server Databases
  7. Export information to Excel(XLS, XLSX), XLM, CSV, PDF, XML and SQL files
  8. Export Custom Query Results in Excel(XLS, XLSX), XLM, CSV, PDF
  9. Import information from Excel(XLS, XLSX), CSV, and SQL files
  10. Create and Recover Backups
  11. Consult and edit tables in an easy way with pagination included
  12. Consult and export data from your customized join table queries in an easy way
  13. SQL Queries Visualization and Execution(Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, etc.)
  14. Implemenst Twitter Bootstrap


  1. IE 8.x, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera Navigator
  2. A Web Server to run PHP
  3. PHP 5.2 or later
  4. Any edition of MySQL 5 or later
  5. For use SQLite you will need a SQLite 3 database file (.s3db)
  6. Any edition of PostgreSQL 9 or later(You have to enable the extension php_pgsql.dll)
  7. Any edition of SQL Server 2005 or later (You have to download and install The Microsoft Drivers 3.0 for PHP and for PHP 5.4 you will need Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client too)
  8. You need to have writing permissions in the directory where you will place the application.