phpFox Video Chat With UNLIMITED Room & Users! (Social Networking)

By Acty, September 11, 2013

Video Chat is an optimal communication solution for your community (with NO FFMEG required and Bandwidth FREE). The unlimited chat rooms and users in each room expand your community network to no borders. Chat rooms can be widely shared to facebook, twitter, myspace…




NO FFMEG required (this mod will work in every phpfox site)
Bandwidth FREE(This mod use api from tinychat so you don't have to pay for bandwidth)
Unlimited chat room
Unlimited user in a room
Password protected room
1 click install
Login to chat room by facebook / twitter
Share room's url to facebook, twitter, myspace ... + defaut phpfox


  • Voice chat

Video chat

  • Broadcast desktop

    Auto close room (if enabled, inactive room will be auto close)

    Chat in pop up window

    Integrate with phpfox activity feed

    Admin can chose which groups can create room

    Admin can chose which groups can join room

    Admin can chose which groups can close all room

    Admin can chose which groups can create “never auto close room”

    Pop Up for Footer bar video chat

    *Use can Upload room photo


phpFox 2.x or phpFox 3.x