Responsive Scrolling Notification WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

By Acty, September 28, 2013

This plugin help you to add a Notification box when user scrolling the page, the notification support HTML and WordPress shortcode. So you can put any content in it, like a Youtube video or a Image Map HotSpot.



  • Easy to install and setup with WordPress.
  • Compatible with latest jQuery(1.10.x) and latest WordPress.
  • You can add/edit the Notification without touching the code. Customize/update the image and text with WordPress backend.
  • Notification support any kind of content, for example you can put a Youtube video or a Image Map HostPot in it.
  • Color picker for updating color easily.
  • CSS3 transition support, fade only on the older browser, like IE8.
  • Autohide by delay.
  • FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.

jQuery OneByOne Slider Plugin



jQuery http://jquery.com
Animate.css http://daneden.me/animate/