Serendipity – A Premium Tumblr Theme (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, September 24, 2013

Serendipity theme is a minimalistic, fashionable and multipurpose tumblr theme. While designing and developing this theme our main goal was to keep the layout uncluttered and user friendly.

We have implemented only the features that will keep this theme simple, clean and consistent.

Social Links – There are eight accessible social networking links in this theme. Enter your ID and you’re good to go!

Google Web Font Support – This theme uses open source fonts from Google.

Disqus Commenting System – Add your Disqus Site Shortname in the options to enable comments for your site. Click here to register for a Disqus site account.

Google Analytics ID – Google Analytics tracking built into the theme, all you need to do is add your site ID to this option.

Logo or Avatar – Upload an image that represents your profile picture or your logo related to your blog.

Background (Cover Photo) – Upload an image to be used as the header’s background. Keep in mind that the image area is only 300×300 so size your cover photo accordingly.

Options – The custom options lets you change your desirable font and background color the reason behind this is because the theme should have a consistent look although you can implement your custom CSS.