UNet Theme (Forms)

By Acty, September 17, 2013

UNet Theme – The First theme from UniveXNet!

This theme is created by using light colors like Gray and darker colors(mostly black). Theme brings 12 new controls to your form, that can be used just by dragging them on your form!

The archive contains C# source (project and theme .cs file) and also a c# .dll for VB.net applications, so you can import it to Visual Basic, again with source, so you can rename it or whatever you want to do with it.

– Form Theme with customizable icon & title
– Buttons: Close button, Minimize Button and Normal Button (they all have custom hover color)
– Group Box – Redesigned group box
– CheckBox & RadioButton – Redesigned
– Progress Bar: Redesigned progress bar with ability to show current percentage
– StatusStrip – Custom statis strip, that supports only text at the moment. (Good for showing online users, or website, or version, etc)
– Label: Custom label, just custom text and background color
– Separator: A line used to separate some parts of your form

Very easy to use, all is described very well in HowTo.txt file included with archive.