WFS GooglePlay Thumbnail Script (JavaScript)

By Acty, September 22, 2013

width: auto;
.wfs_description h3{
border: 1px solid #4D90FE;
color: #FFA500;

This is an idea about using again GooglePlay Thumbnail in any website.

The users of this script are:

  • Normal users: who can use the script at website’s frontend
  • Developers: who want to use exist admin script to apply their backend

+ Features

  • Using GooglePlay Thumbnail style
  • Responsive design
  • Using jQuery, jQuery-UI, Scroll-bar plug-in
  • Smart loading images and videos to redure bandwidth at the first loading
  • Frontend and Backend with sample code
  • Supporting editing parameters by visual, drag-drop, preview directy at Backend
  • Support browsers: IE 9/10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Script files are wrote with clean, clear and commented code, helps developers understand easily

+ Document

+ Demo

+ Versions

Version 1.0 – (2013/09/18)

+ Contact