WPCC – WordPress Project Cost Calculator plugin (Forms)

By Acty, September 21, 2013

WordPress Project Cost Calculator is a WordPress plugin, using which complex cost calculation forms can be built easily. If you want your customers to have an idea of how much it will cost them for using your services, this is the plugin all you need. Below are the main features of WPCC – WordPress Project Cost Calculator

You can use basic html elements naming checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes and textboxes.
Supported by all major browsers starting from IE 6 and above
Visitor can mail the calculated output to their as well as admin's E-mail.
It comes with its own form generator, to make the designing smooth, easy and fast.
These can be embeded in wordpress pages, posts, etc via shortcodes.
Custom fields can also be generated to get non-calculational output like name and address.
Emails can be customized as needed.
There can be multiple forms on same page.
Very low file size, less resource consuming and easy to understand