Core.Animation Library for .Net WinForms Controls (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, October 8, 2013

This library is created for .Net WinForms developer who wants to overpass the classic and static view of elements in .Net framework. Microsoft has never directly supported animations in WinForms development, because there were WPF apps for this purpose. However many of you didn’t have time to spend for learning WPF, but wanted so badly to have nice animations like moving and fading on button clicks or when hovering on some controls.

Core.Animation library helps you animate your buttons, labels, any controls with a single or two lines of codes.

Try Before You Buy

Click here to try effects and examples in this sample application

Source code of sample application is also included.


  • Very smooth and attractive effects
  • Supports creating sync and async animations.
  • Set your own parameters to create own customized animations.
  • Beginner developers can use without advanced coding knowledge.
  • Advanced developers can create any animation combining images and effects
  • Each method is xml commented and understandable
  • Saves you from hours of coding
  • Source codes of library and sample application are both included in C# language.

Implemented Effects

  • Extend and shrink effects
  • Fade effects
  • Zoom effects
  • Image Slide effects
  • Attention effects
  • Appear and disappear effects

Many different effects can be created using async combination of effects. See advanced examples in sample application.

Detailed documentation included. If you face any problems you can contact through comments or through the email included in documentation any-time.