Human Contact and Captcha for WordPress (Forms)

By Acty, October 6, 2013

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About Human Contact and Captcha for WordPress

The Human Contact and Captcha for WordPress Plugin allows you to reduce the amount of spam you receive on your website by adding “human captcha” logic questions to your WordPress website.

Answering a question like “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: what comes next?” with a simple “Friday” is far easier for your users than trying to interpret some hieroglyphics in a tiny box. And more friendly!

The plugin comes with 10 preset questions, but you can add your own easily, and you can even import a batch of questions easily from a CSV file.

This plugin adds these “human-only” questions and answers to the 4 WordPress forms on your site: login form, comments form, registration form, lost password form. You can decide if you’d prefer the questions to be applied to some or all of these types of form.

The plugin also includes a Contact Form with “human captcha” verification built in. It’s easy to use, just put the shortcode on your site where you want the form to appear. We’ve even made that easy by including a visual shortcode button in the visual editor.

And it’s all translation-ready for those of you that want to use the plugin in another language.

Want to See More?

Visit the demo site where you can see how Human Contact and Captcha works.

Version History

  • v1.0 – 03 October 2013 – initial release

Tested and working great with WordPress 3.6.1