Monet – One Page Muse Theme (Muse Templates)

By Acty, October 10, 2013

Monet PREMIUM OnePage Adobe Muse Website Template

Monet is a professional, clean, easily modifiable Adobe Muse template, which is ideal for presenting your or your customer’s business. With the help of the Adobe Muse it is extremely easy to customize. The well coded HTML5 + CSS3 +Jquery codes which are part of the uploaded pack, make this template more unique.

Monet OnePage Template Feature list:

Adobe Muse Template

The Adobe Muse is the latest software of the Adobe company,
which is very easy, without any programming skills
you can create HTML5 websites for yourself or for your clients.
If you buy a Monet template, the only thing you need to do
is to change the pictures, the text and your website is ready.
You can already upload it to online! Congratulations!

HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery Features

Monet is a premium Adobe Muse template. Several features
which containing Jquery HTML5 & CSS3 codes can be found in it,
which make it even more unique. Of course, these can be delete
as you want, but to change the code we will give you an
illustrated tutorial. With it you can easily change them as you like.

24/7 Customer Service

Of course, if you stuck somewhere, like in the HTML5 CSS3
or Jquery code that we attached, or whether it is about
the Adobe Muse program, we’ll try to help you as soon
as possible to solve the problem.

Integrated Posts

Full-featured blog post on the page and with the help
of Adobe Muse and an absolutely free page.
We give you the settings of the blog’s template in the
attached tutorial, to achieve the same result as
you can see in the preview.

Scrollable Google Map

The scrolling google Map is an essential accessory
of the Contact menu. Monet is not exception in this feature,
this is why a full Google Map is available from the Adobe Muse.
A little trick was given in the map code, we also share it with
you in the tutorial.

Full Feature list:

  • Blog with Posts
  • Responsive (width) animated full free slider
  • Smooth Scroll via Jquery (igény szerint kikapcsolható)
  • Parallax scroll
  • Hover animation for Member’s photos
  • Animating skill pie charts with Position Listener
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio Images (with Lightbox) in various categories
  • Draggable Google Maps
  • Smooth Scroll To Anchor points (trick included in the tutorial)
  • And much more what you can see in the live preview :)

More Color Variations are coming soon!

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Thank you very much!