Social Slide-out Tab Menus (Tabs and Sliders)

By Acty, October 8, 2013

Social Slide-out Tabs Menus is specially coded to present access to your social profiles, rss feed, YouTube videos and contact us page in an effective and attractive way. You can very easily add this widget to your template or website.

How to Install?

Adding this Social Slide-out Tab Menus on the left side of your website/template is very easy. Simply follow these steps.

1. Open your CSS Stylesheet and Copy and paste the whole code of file ‘slideout-style.css’ (code also given below) anywhere.

2. Now open your template footer file, and paste simple HTML code of file ‘slideout-style. text’ just before the closing body tag . If you don’t know what is footer file, simply add this code just above the closing body tag.

3. Now add ‘images’ folder in the root of your template. In case you already have any folder with similar name, just copy and paste the images in that folder.

4. Now add link for your Tab Menus. Just open the HTML code and replace the URL starting with #, with your social profile and other page URLs.

5. Done!


Read the Documentation >> Index.html for learning more about the Social Slide-out Tab Menus.