CashIT – Marketplace Affiliate (PHP Scripts)

By Acty, November 19, 2013

What is CashIT?

CashIT is an Envato Marketplace Affiliate script. It automatically creates a website fully powered by Envato marketplace content.

How do I benefit from it?

You can add your Envato username to be set as referral for visitors coming from your site. You can earn cash through Envato affiliate program without having to spend time managing the content.


  • Search Engine Optimization: CashIT is optimized for high ranking in search engines, CashIT has optimized page titles, urls, images alts, headers, meta tags, and more
  • Marketplace Filter: You can choose which marketplace(s) you want to show on your website
  • Site Info: You can edit site name, logo, favicon, and the text you want to reveal on site (which helps defining your website for search engines for better exposure)
  • Search: Site visitors can search through your saved scripts, which makes the website more user friendly and achieves higher visit length
  • Database Enabled: All the data grabbed from Envato marketplace are saved in local database, this has two benefits, 1- faster access to data, 2- as time goes by, you’ll have more items to show to your visitors and more pages indexed at search engines
  • Automated Items Refresh: Using Cronjob, you can set the feed grabber to fetch new items every time interval, which will make your site operate and generate revenue without having to visit it