DMX – Responsive Email Theme & Editor (Email Templates)

By Acty, November 25, 2013

DMX is a responsive email theme with a powerful and feature rich editor that makes your email communications infinitely customisable.

The responsive ‘mobile first’ design makes this template ideal for mobile legibility and user experience.

the powerful and feature rich editor provides you with a sleek and sophisticated editing experience while innovative features like live text editing will help you expedite your work more efficiently.

Live text editing

Edit the text directly within the browser just like a word document! Click on a piece of text and start typing to see your edits in real time.


Properties lets you edit text, links, and background colors.

Copy, delete & move

Use a control handle in the top left hand corner of each content block to copy or delete a content block.

ESP Integrations

ESP Integrations let you further edit your newsletter with your own ESPs template editing system provided it’s one of the ESPs that’s supported. Currently Maiilchimp & Campaign Monitor are supported.


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