Facebook Win Win (Social Networks)

By Acty, November 14, 2013

Magnoliyan Facebook Win Win is a quick and easy way to pick a winner for Facebook timeline post promotions.

Magnoliyan Facebook Win Win
You already know that Facebook now allows to run promotions and winning games directly from your timeline posts. You are free to reward your commenters and/or likes and boost your page social engagement. Just announce: like to win or comment to win. If you are lucky you can get hundreds or thousands of likes and comments, but there’s no built-in facebook tool for you to export or randomly pick some of comments or likes.

Magnoliyan Facebook Win Win helps you select a page, list posts, export comments, export likes and randomly pick one or more winners.


  • Select Winner(s) from Post “Likes” and/or “Comments”
  • Export Likes and Comments as CSV
  • Limit 1 Person to 1 Candidate
  • Javascript only, no server side scripts!
  • No DB needed
  • Created with modular backbone.js and require.js
  • Created with Bootstrap 3


In order to run Magnoliyan Facebook Win Win properly you need to:

  • host it on a domain (even local/private virtual domain can work for testing purposes)
  • create your own facebook login app pointing to that domain. Please read this tutorial for more information