HR/Job Board/Careers System and Resume Management (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, November 22, 2013

Talent+ is an Innovative Web Acquisition application for CV automation and Job Boards Management Systems for any company.

Talent+ is exclusively used by company as there private/public Job Posting and Applicants Management System.

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Unique Features :-

1)Cloud Support.

2)Job board Management System+ Applicants Management System+ Talent Searching Engine+HR Acquisition System ALL IN ONE.

3)Used High End Technologies PHP5/MYSQL/JQUERY/AJAX/JSON.

4)Two Modules :- Applicant Module / HR Module.

5)Automatic Job Posting with Job Expiry Alert.


1)Login Module with Edit/view Self Profile.

2)Post Jobs On Career Site

3)View Posted Jobs

4)Edit Posted Jobs

5)Delete Posted Jobs

6)View Applicants Submissions

7)View Total Applicants For each Job Posted.
8)Search Job Post By Name,ID,Description Date Ect.

9)View Applicants Details.

10)Download Applicants CV

11)Send Mails To Applicants.

12)Change Applicants Status


1)Login Module with Edit/view Self Profile.

2)View Jobs On Career Site

3)View Posted/Expired Jobs

4)View Applied Jobs

5)View Applied Jobs Status

6)Re Apply Jobs

7)View Submission Status
8)View Profile Complete Status.

9)View Applicants Details.

10)Upload CV

11)Delete/Edit Applicant Details

12)Apply for new jobs

All Logical Algorithms are included like

1)Cannot apply for same job twice.
2)Cannot Apply after expired date.
3)HR Cannot View Login details of applicants.
4)HR cannot change CV Details.


File upload upto 300KB with Doc,Docx and PDF Only