Photo Blur – Blur Wallpaper editor for iPad (Full Applications)

By Acty, November 25, 2013

PHOTOBLUR – Wallpaper blur editor (iPad ver.)

The application is ready for publication, and does not require any configuration.

  • Aviary Editor support.
  • iAd support.
  • Easy monetization.
  • landscape or portrait.
  • No need to skills.
  • Ready to upload in App Store.
  • Creates beautiful blur wallpaper for iPad.
  • Capture images from your camera.
  • Capture images from your album.
  • Image Editing.
  • Control of the depth effect.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Mail and iMessage posting.
  • Save blur wallpaper to Album.
  • Detailed documentation and video step by step.

Fast support

Questions? Contact us via email: romch@me.com or Skype: iromch , at any time!

You have no Mac and Xcode?

We will be able to compile the program for you and publish it in the App Store. Just write to us. (now need money)

Photo Blur – Blur Wallpaper editor for iPone

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