Pinboard (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 21, 2013

This script is made to be similar to classic pinboard in your home.


Groups sharing is possible only with registered users on Pinboard. User should enter valid email address, script then checks if email is valid and if user with that email exists. After that, confirmation email is sent to your friends email address and if he or she accepts your shared group then your group will appear in his/her ‘Shared tab’. Now both of your can add or remove tasks but only owner of group can delete whole group.

In settings dialog you can change name, last name, email, password and avatar.

Background images are also changeable. Click on your username and select ‘Background’ option. You are presented with 6 background images but you can upload your own as well.

You can view received or sent messages in ‘Messages’ dialog. When message is opened you can reply directly by clicking on ‘Reply’ button. Also, all messages are removable so if you inbox becomes cluttered you can clean it up.

All users have their own profile page where other users can see their basic information like: avatar, name, last name, email address and date when they registered.

Profile search, which you can find at top of Pinboard, will help you finding your friends on Pinboard. After you found desired profile, you can send a message to that person or share a group.

More comming soon…