Radio 7 (Full Applications)

By Acty, November 19, 2013

Radio 7 is a elegant solution to streaming internet radio complete with cover art via the Last.FM API. You can build off our already included full Xcode project or simply add to your existing project.


  • Scrolling marque for station name
  • Scrolling marque for metadata
  • Displays Artist, Track and Album Art on both player screen & lock screen. (also auto updates when track changes)
  • Supports the ability remotely update your playlist from your own server. So you can update it at anytime without needing to update your app
  • Supports background audio (iOS 4 and above)
  • Supports interruptions and resumes playback (like getting phone call)
  • Supports headphones being inserted and removed
  • Parses Shoutcast and Icecast metadata
  • Supports mp3, aac and aac+
  • Included full Xcode project that will jumpstart your development