Simple Work Order Management System (Project Management Tools)

By Acty, November 29, 2013

Simple Work Order Management System is suitable for use by workers in the field of services such as Photographers, Designers, Interior designers, etc. This system allows users to search the status of a project under construction. It is very important to ensure that the project is being worked on will be completed on time. This system allows users to manage their projects with multiple stages in a coherent state. Status used in this system has been adapted to the standard workflow of jobs in the service sector:

  1. Planned.
  2. In Progress.
  3. Completed.
  4. For Invoicing.
  5. Invoice Creation.
  6. Issued invoices.
  7. Paid Filed.
  8. Archived.
  9. Reactivate.
  10. Cancelled.

Each state has a different color, making it easier to search if you have a lot of projects are being worked on.
Features :

  • Work Order management.
  • Client Management.
  • User Management.
  • Easily update work order status.
  • Invoice Created automatically.
  • Payment receipt Created automatically.
  • Integrated with Full Calendar.
  • Etc.