Sirius PHP Language File Editor (Add-ons)

By Acty, November 24, 2013

Sirius provides functions to retrieve language files and lines of text for purposes of internationalization.

In your website folder you’ll find one called language containing sets of language files. You can create your own language files as needed in order to display error and other messages in other languages.

Language keys are typically stored in your database, but it’s working with local php variables. When you complete all modify actions, you can easily Synchronize of your database records to language files.

Sirius allows the administrator easy edit or create new languages. You don’t need to share your editor; create and use only language files for shared projects.


  • UTF-8 Support
  • Unlimited Category, Language, Keys
  • Each Language Automatically Stored in Its Own Folder
  • Manually Editable Language Files
  • Site/Admin Area Language Key Controller
  • Active / Inactive Languages
  • SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF Protection
  • JS and Server-Side Character Sanitize Control
  • Useful Bootstrap Design
  • Click-Copy-Use Automation
  • Repeated Entry Controls
  • Multiple Language Support for Editor Interface (Only included default language file)
  • Flash, Mobile and Other PHP System Compatibility.

Live Demo : http://sirius.artlantis.net/
Editor Area : http://sirius.artlantis.net/admin/sirius/