Traffic Exchange – Exchanger (Miscellaneous)

By Acty, November 13, 2013

Traffic Exchanges are websites that allow users to advertise their website by visiting other websites. Traffic exchanges – Exchanger is build with lots of features such as admin panel where the site owner can easily add/edit stuff, and with nice unique design. Start you’re own traffic exchange now.
You can also make money by selling points. Users buy points to promote their website.
Username: admin
Password: admincp


News Feed
Change Skin
Recaptcha – blocked sites
Reported sutes
Traffic analytics

Total Sales
Total Users – activate/banned/admin
Sites – active/confirm
packages – sell points
Coupons – add/ coupons giveaway free points
Points transfer log
Edit Faq page
and more…
Surf – Surf links and earn points
Edit profile
Upload profile picture
Add/Edit/Delete Youre site
Referrals area
Buy Points – to promote you’re website
Coupon – Get free points
Transfer/Donate your Points to other users
and more…

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