Twitter Timeline Slider – jQuery Twitter Wall (Social Networks)

By Acty, November 26, 2013

Get more followers via Twitter Timeline Slider!

This plugin give an opportunity for the visitors to Follow you or Reply, Retweet and mark as Favorite your tweets through your own website. When someone retweet, reply or mark as Favorite your tweet, that will display for the other users and they can easily follow you and visit your website. With this trick, you can get much more visitors and followers, therefore your website traffic can be increased much more. You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow for the users to close the slider. If you don’t allow to close the slider, it still opened until the visitor reply or retweet any of your tweets.
More followers, retweets, more visibility on Twitter, much more audience.

  • fully responsive
  • ability to lock the screen until the user reply or retweet any of your tweets
  • fixed slider position
  • automatic slide-in when the users reach the bottom of the page
  • you can enable or disable the user can close the slider
  • ability to set up timer to fadeout the slider
  • you can specify your own notice
  • viral spreading, much more audience, fans and traffic to your website
  • fully localizable Tweet box with auto detect language, but you can choose from more than 100 languages manually
  • selectable position of the slider (left or right)
  • you can set up to open the slider automatically at the bottom of the page just once per user
  • set the number of tweets to display
  • dark and light style
  • fancy jquery animation with fadeout and easing slide effect
  • option to disable the slider on the entire website and enable it on a specified page with adding [enable_twitter_timeline_slider] code to the content
  • full detailed documentation
  • transparent background when the screen locked, ability to set the transparency
  • unlock the screen with click on the background (if you allow to close the slider for the users)
  • option to disable the slider on a specified page with adding [disable_twitter_timeline_slider] code to the content
  • full customizable separated CSS file
  • you can hide or show the Twitter icon and you can replace it to your own logo with a simple setting
  • attractive shake effect, you can disable or set frequency timer to shake (from 5sec to 5min)
  • three different icon size
  • set the icon vertical position
  • auto open the slider if you want, when the users reach the bottom of the page
  • mobile-friendly slider, work on tablets and mobile devices
  • lightweight scrollbar to display the former tweets