Ultimate database import/export (CSV, XLS, MySQL) (Database Abstractions)

By Acty, November 20, 2013

This application makes your work easy and effortless when it comes to data import/export to/from MySQL database.

Feed CSV or XLS (Excel) files to your MySQL database within seconds.

Purchasing this product you can easily convert:

– CSV to MySQL
– XLS to MySQL
– MySQL to CSV
– MySQL to XLS

Tailor the process to your needs:
– define the delimiter when uploading CSV and XLS files
– no change necessary if your CSV and XLS file has header
– choose your own delimiter when generating CSV files
– easy configuration: database parameters and timezone easily defined in config.php
The default language of this application is English. Language localisation can be easily done with changing the texts and labels collected in en.php.

This product uses PHPExcel class. The product price only includes the files and functions developed to create the converter. Third party sourcecode and classes are not included. PHPExcel is a free class, that can be downloaded here: http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/